Software Engineering Blog by Alex Shelmire.

I'm an extremely productive Senior Software Developer. Currently at AllyDVM (subsidiary of MWI Animal Health, subsidiary of Amerisourcebergen) writing communications and data processing software for animal hospitals around the world. Previously, I worked at the Linguistic Data Consortium building annotation tools, assembling data packages, and doing web scraping and data processing.

I write efficient, tested, sustainable code with a focus on safety and performance. I emphasize learning and knowledge sharing inside and outside of work and advocate for better documentation, requirements clarity, and consensus-building.

Skills include Ruby, Rails, Javascript, AWS, Python, React, Angular, JQuery, Graphql, and more. I've built dozens of databases from scratch and operated with them at scale. I'm not bound to any language and can become productive in unfamiliar languages quickly. I believe in using the best tools for the job, the team, and the timeframe.